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 * Basic Orion init functions used early by machine-setup.

void orion5x_map_io(void);
void orion5x_init_irq(void);
void orion5x_init(void);
extern struct sys_timer orion5x_timer;

 * Enumerations and functions for Orion windows mapping. Used by Orion core
 * functions to map its interfaces and by the machine-setup to map its on-
 * board devices. Details in /mach-orion/addr-map.c
extern struct mbus_dram_target_info orion5x_mbus_dram_info;
void orion5x_setup_cpu_mbus_bridge(void);
void orion5x_setup_dev_boot_win(u32 base, u32 size);
void orion5x_setup_dev0_win(u32 base, u32 size);
void orion5x_setup_dev1_win(u32 base, u32 size);
void orion5x_setup_dev2_win(u32 base, u32 size);
void orion5x_setup_pcie_wa_win(u32 base, u32 size);

 * Shared code used internally by other Orion core functions.
 * (/mach-orion/pci.c)

struct pci_sys_data;
struct pci_bus;

void orion5x_pcie_id(u32 *dev, u32 *rev);
int orion5x_pci_sys_setup(int nr, struct pci_sys_data *sys);
struct pci_bus *orion5x_pci_sys_scan_bus(int nr, struct pci_sys_data *sys);
int orion5x_pci_map_irq(struct pci_dev *dev, u8 slot, u8 pin);

 * Valid GPIO pins according to MPP setup, used by machine-setup.
 * (/mach-orion/gpio.c).

void orion5x_gpio_set_valid_pins(u32 pins);
void gpio_display(void);      /* debug */

 * Pull in Orion Ethernet platform_data, used by machine-setup

struct mv643xx_eth_platform_data;

void orion5x_eth_init(struct mv643xx_eth_platform_data *eth_data);

 * Orion Sata platform_data, used by machine-setup

struct mv_sata_platform_data;

void orion5x_sata_init(struct mv_sata_platform_data *sata_data);

struct machine_desc;
struct meminfo;
struct tag;
extern void __init tag_fixup_mem32(struct machine_desc *, struct tag *,
                           char **, struct meminfo *);


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