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cmb_operations Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

struct cmb_operations - functions to use depending on cmb_format

Most of these functions operate on a struct ccw_device. There is only one instance of struct cmb_operations because the format of the measurement data is guaranteed to be the same for every ccw_device.

: allocate memory for a channel measurement block, either with the help of a special pool or with kmalloc : free memory allocated with : enable or disable measurement : read a measurement entry at an index : read a measurement block in a common format : clear the data in the associated measurement block and reset its time stamp : align an allocated block so that the hardware can use it

Definition at line 117 of file cmf.c.

Public Attributes

void *(* align )(void *)
int(* alloc )(struct ccw_device *)
struct attribute_group * attr_group
void(* free )(struct ccw_device *)
u64(* read )(struct ccw_device *, int)
int(* readall )(struct ccw_device *, struct cmbdata *)
void(* reset )(struct ccw_device *)
int(* set )(struct ccw_device *, u32)

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