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hotplug_slot Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

struct hotplug_slot - used to register a physical slot with the hotplug pci core : pointer to the &struct hotplug_slot_ops to be used for this slot : pointer to the &struct hotplug_slot_info for the initial values for this slot. : called during pci_hp_deregister to free memory allocated in a hotplug_slot structure. : used by the hotplug pci controller driver to store whatever it needs.

Definition at line 153 of file pci_hotplug.h.

Public Attributes

struct hotplug_slot_infoinfo
struct hotplug_slot_opsops
struct pci_slot * pci_slot
void * private
void(* release )(struct hotplug_slot *slot)
struct list_head slot_list

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