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ib_user_mad_hdr Struct Reference

#include <ib_user_mad.h>

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Detailed Description

ib_user_mad_hdr - MAD packet header This layout allows specifying/receiving the P_Key index. To use this capability, an application must call the IB_USER_MAD_ENABLE_PKEY ioctl on the user MAD file handle before any other actions with the file handle. - ID of agent MAD received with/to be sent with - 0 on successful receive, ETIMEDOUT if no response received (transaction ID in data[] will be set to TID of original request) (ignored on send) - Milliseconds to wait for response (unset on receive) - Number of automatic retries to attempt - Remote QP number received from/to be sent to - Remote Q_Key to be sent with (unset on receive) - Remote lid received from/to be sent to - Service level received with/to be sent with - Local path bits received with/to be sent with - If set, GRH was received/should be sent - Local GID index to send with (unset on receive) - Hop limit in GRH - Traffic class in GRH - Remote GID in GRH - Flow label in GRH - P_Key index

Definition at line 116 of file ib_user_mad.h.

Public Attributes

__be32 flow_label
__u8 gid [16]
__u8 gid_index
__u8 grh_present
__u8 hop_limit
__u32 id
__u32 length
__be16 lid
__u8 path_bits
__u16 pkey_index
__be32 qkey
__be32 qpn
__u8 reserved [6]
__u32 retries
__u8 sl
__u32 status
__u32 timeout_ms
__u8 traffic_class

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