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ioatdma_device Struct Reference

#include <ioatdma.h>

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Detailed Description

struct ioatdma_device - internal representation of a IOAT device : PCI-Express device : MMIO register space base address : for allocating DMA descriptors : embedded struct dma_device
: version of ioatdma device : which style irq to use : irq handlers : per channel data

Definition at line 59 of file ioatdma.h.

Public Attributes

struct dma_device common
struct pci_pool * completion_pool
struct pci_pool * dma_pool
struct ioat_dma_chanidx [4]
enum ioat_interrupt irq_mode
struct msix_entry msix_entries [4]
struct pci_dev * pdev
void __iomem * reg_base
u8 version
struct delayed_work work

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