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iwl3945_rate_scaling_cmd Struct Reference

#include <iwl-3945-commands.h>

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Detailed Description

struct iwl3945_rate_scaling_cmd - Rate Scaling Command & Response

REPLY_RATE_SCALE = 0x47 (command, has simple generic response)

NOTE: The table of rates passed to the uCode via the RATE_SCALE command sets up the corresponding order of rates used for all related commands, including rate masks, etc.

For example, if you set 9MB (PLCP 0x0f) as the first rate in the rate table, the bit mask for that rate when passed through ofdm_basic_rates on the REPLY_RXON command would be bit 0 (1 << 0)

Definition at line 983 of file iwl-3945-commands.h.

Public Attributes

u8 reserved [3]
struct iwl3945_rate_scaling_info table [IWL_MAX_RATES]
u8 table_id

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