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nsc_gpio_ops Struct Reference

#include <nsc_gpio.h>

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Detailed Description


National Semiconductor GPIO common access methods.

struct nsc_gpio_ops abstracts the low-level access operations for the GPIO units on 2 NSC chip families; the GEODE integrated CPU, and the PC-8736[03456] integrated PC-peripheral chips.

The GPIO units on these chips have the same pin architecture, but the access methods differ. Thus, scx200_gpio and pc8736x_gpio implement their own versions of these routines; and use the common file-operations routines implemented in nsc_gpio module.

Copyright (c) 2005 Jim Cromie <jim.cromie@gmail.com>

NB: this work was tested on the Geode SC-1100 and PC-87366 chips. NSC sold the GEODE line to AMD, and the PC-8736x line to Winbond.

Definition at line 22 of file nsc_gpio.h.

Public Attributes

struct devicedev
void(* gpio_change )(unsigned iminor)
u32(* gpio_config )(unsigned iminor, u32 mask, u32 bits)
int(* gpio_current )(unsigned iminor)
void(* gpio_dump )(struct nsc_gpio_ops *amp, unsigned iminor)
int(* gpio_get )(unsigned iminor)
void(* gpio_set )(unsigned iminor, int state)
struct module * owner

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