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os_area_header Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

struct os_area_header - os area header segment. : Always 'cell_ext_os_area'. : Header format version number. : Starting segment number of other os database area. : Starting segment number of bootloader image area. : HEADER_LDR_FORMAT flag. : Size of bootloader image in bytes.

Note that the docs refer to area offsets. These are offsets in units of segments from the start of the os area (top of the header). These are better thought of as segment numbers. The os area of the os area is reserved for the os image.

Definition at line 60 of file os-area.c.

Public Attributes

u32 _reserved_1
u32 _reserved_2 [6]
u32 db_area_offset
u32 hdr_version
u32 ldr_area_offset
u32 ldr_format
u32 ldr_size
u8 magic_num [16]

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