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oslec_state Struct Reference

#include <echo.h>

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Detailed Description

G.168 echo canceller descriptor. This defines the working state for a line echo canceller.

Definition at line 127 of file echo.h.

Public Attributes

int16_t adapt
int adaption_mode
int16_t clean
int16_t clean_nlp
int cng_filter
int cng_level
int cng_rndnum
int cond_met
int curr_pos
int32_t factor
fir16_state_t fir_state
fir16_state_t fir_state_bg
int16_t * fir_taps16 [2]
int Lbgn
int Lbgn_acc
int Lbgn_upper
int Lbgn_upper_acc
int Lclean
int Lclean_bg
int Lclean_bgacc
int Lcleanacc
int log2taps
int Lrx
int Lrxacc
int Ltx
int Ltxacc
int nonupdate_dwell
int32_t Pstates
int16_t rx
int rx_1
int rx_2
int16_t shift
int16_t * snapshot
int taps
int16_t tx
int tx_1
int tx_2
int32_t xvrx [5]
int32_t xvtx [5]
int32_t yvrx [5]
int32_t yvtx [5]

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