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ubifs_ino_node Struct Reference

#include <ubifs-media.h>

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Detailed Description

struct ubifs_ino_node - inode node. : common header : node key : sequence number at time of creation : inode size in bytes (amount of uncompressed data) : access time seconds : creation time seconds : modification time seconds : access time nanoseconds : creation time nanoseconds : modification time nanoseconds : number of hard links : owner ID : group ID : access flags : per-inode flags (UBIFS_COMPR_FL, UBIFS_SYNC_FL, etc) : inode data length : count of extended attributes this inode has : summarized size of all extended attributes in bytes : reserved for future, zeroes : sum of lengths of all extended attribute names belonging to this inode : compression type used for this inode : reserved for future, zeroes : data attached to the inode

Note, even though inode compression type is defined by , some nodes of this inode may be compressed with different compressor - this happens if compression type is changed while the inode already has data nodes. But will be use for further writes to the inode.

Note, do not forget to amend 'zero_ino_node_unused()' function when changing the padding fields.

Definition at line 452 of file ubifs-media.h.

Public Attributes

__le32 atime_nsec
__le64 atime_sec
struct ubifs_ch ch
__le16 compr_type
__le64 creat_sqnum
__le32 ctime_nsec
__le64 ctime_sec
__u8 data []
__le32 data_len
__le32 flags
__le32 gid
__u8 key [UBIFS_MAX_KEY_LEN]
__le32 mode
__le32 mtime_nsec
__le64 mtime_sec
__le32 nlink
__u8 padding1 [4]
__u8 padding2 [26]
__le64 size
__le32 uid
__le32 xattr_cnt
__le32 xattr_names
__le32 xattr_size

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