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usb_wa_descriptor Struct Reference

#include <wusb-wa.h>

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Detailed Description

Wire Adapter Class Descriptor ([WUSB] section

NOTE: u16 fields are read Little Endian from the hardware.

is the original max number of devices that the host can connect; we might chop this so the stack can handle it. In case you need to access it, use wusbhc->ports_max if it is a Wireless USB WA.

Definition at line 247 of file wusb-wa.h.

Public Attributes

u16 bcdWAVersion
u8 bDescriptorType
u8 bLength
u8 bmAttributes
u8 bNumMMCIEs
u8 bNumPorts
u8 bPwrOn2PwrGood
u8 bRPipeBlockSize
u8 DeviceRemovable
u16 wNumRPipes
u16 wRPipeMaxBlock

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