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v9fs_session_info Struct Reference

#include <v9fs.h>

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Detailed Description

struct v9fs_session_info - per-instance session information : session options of type &p9_session_flags : set to 1 to disable device mapping : debug level : authentication handle : cache mode of type &p9_cache_modes : copy of options string given by user : string user name to mount hierarchy as : mount specifier for remote hierarchy : maximum data to be sent/recvd per protocol message : default numeric userid to mount hierarchy as : default numeric groupid to mount hierarchy as : if V9FS_ACCESS_SINGLE, the numeric uid which mounted the hierarchy : reference to 9P network client instantiated for this session : reference to debugfs_dir which can be used for add'l debug

This structure holds state for each session instance established during a sys_mount() .

Bugs: there seems to be a lot of state which could be condensed and/or removed.

Definition at line 80 of file v9fs.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned int afid
char * aname
unsigned int cache
struct p9_clientclnt
unsigned short debug
struct dentry * debugfs_dir
unsigned int dfltgid
unsigned int dfltuid
unsigned char flags
unsigned int maxdata
unsigned char nodev
char * options
u32 uid
char * uname

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