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port Struct Reference

#include <port.h>

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Detailed Description

struct port - TIPC port structure : TIPC port info available to privileged users : adjacent ports in TIPC's global list of ports : ptr to routine which handles received messages : ptr to routine to call when port is no longer congested : ptr to user port associated with port (if any) : adjacent ports in list of ports waiting on link congestion : ptr to congested link port is waiting on : : : : list of publications for port : total # of publications port has made during its lifetime : : : : : "node down" subscription used to terminate failed connections

Definition at line 355 of file nozomi.c.

Public Attributes

u32 acked
u16 actor_admin_port_key
u8 actor_admin_port_state
u16 actor_oper_port_key
u8 actor_oper_port_state
u16 actor_port_aggregator_identifier
u16 actor_port_number
u16 actor_port_priority
struct mac_addr actor_system
u16 actor_system_priority
struct aggregator * aggregator
unsigned int carrier
unsigned int clock_rate
unsigned int clock_type
struct link * congested_link
struct ctrl_dl ctrl_dl
struct ctrl_ul ctrl_ul
struct desc * desc_tab
u32 desc_tab_phys
struct devicedev
u32(* dispatcher )(struct tipc_port *, struct sk_buff *)
void __iomem * dl_addr [2]
u32 dl_size [2]
int duplex
struct kfifo * fifo_ul
u8 firmware [4]
u8 hdlc_cfg
unsigned int id
int id
unsigned int initialized
bool is_enabled
struct lacpdu lacpdu
u32 last_in_seqno
unsigned int loopback
struct resource * mem_res
struct napi_struct napi
struct net_device * netdev
struct portnext_port_in_aggregator
struct npe * npe
bool ntt
struct port_params partner_admin
struct port_params partner_oper
struct phy_device * phydev
struct hss_plat_info * plat
struct eth_plat_info * plat
struct tty_port port
struct list_head port_list
u32 probing_interval
u32 probing_state
u32 pub_count
struct tipc_port publ
struct list_head publications
struct eth_regs __iomem * regs
buffer_t * rx_buff_tab [RX_DESCS]
u32 sent
struct slave * slave
mux_states_t sm_mux_state
u16 sm_mux_timer_counter
periodic_states_t sm_periodic_state
u16 sm_periodic_timer_counter
rx_states_t sm_rx_state
u16 sm_rx_timer_counter
tx_states_t sm_tx_state
u16 sm_tx_timer_counter
u16 sm_vars
int speed
struct tipc_node_subscr subscription
struct timer_list timer
u8 toggle_dl
u8 toggle_ul
u16 token_dl
u32 transaction_id
struct async_icount tty_icount
struct mutex tty_sem
wait_queue_head_t tty_wait
buffer_t * tx_buff_tab [TX_DESCS]
void __iomem * ul_addr [2]
u32 ul_size [2]
u8 update_flow_control
struct user_portuser_port
struct list_head wait_list
u32 waiting_pkts
void(* wakeup )(struct tipc_port *)

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