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Todo List

Member drm_sarea::drawable_lock
Use readers/writer lock for drm_sarea::drawable_lock

Member drm_order
Can be made faster.

File drm_pci.c
Implement the remaining ioctl's for the PCI pools.

File drm_pci.c
The wrappers here are so thin that they would be better off inlined..

Member mga_do_pci_dma_bootstrap
The algorithm for decreasing the size of the primary DMA buffer could be better. The size should be rounded up to the nearest page size, then decrease the request size by a single page each pass through the loop.

Member mga_do_pci_dma_bootstrap
Determine whether the maximum address passed to drm_pci_alloc is correct. The same goes for drm_addbufs_pci.

Member get_device_descriptions
This is wrong concept! Static table has too strong limitations! 'device_name' and 'driver_name' should be calculated from 'device_id' 'device_description' should be read from device or moved to user space and handled by library!

Member me_device_query_version_device_driver
Versions shold be read from driver. I must overwrite this function in each module. Here should be returned an error!

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